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FRP fan

Paint Booth Fans

Ferrari have 2 specialist fan ranges for Paint Booth systems - a centrifugal and an axial solution. Both feature motors and drives out of the airstream and are available ATEX certified or as standard safe area fans.

1. FRP Centrifugal Range Fans
Ferrari Fans have introduced a new range of products specifically produced for the paint booth market. The fans capable of moving large volumes of air with low pressure are designed to allow mounting on the fan inlet flange providing horizontal exhaust. The fans are suitable for clean air or dusty air with maximum concentration of 50mg/m3. Fans are manufactured in mild steel with galvanised finish.

2. Axial EB Range Fans
Ferrari Fans EB range is a belt driven execution with transmission set placed inside the casing where it is completely isolated from the airflow and the motor is mounted on the fan case. It has adjustable pitch pressure die cast aluminium impeller blades on cast iron hub. As standard the fan case is supplied in galvanised steel but is also available in stainless steel grades 304 or 316.


Ferrari invest in new EN ISO5801 AMCA210 Fan Test Chamber

The plant allows the performance measurement of ventilating systems (both active and not) in conditions very similar to the real application and conditions. Furthermore, thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements, it is possible to make precise considerations about the effect of planning and construction variations of the plant where the fan is installed. The chamber also allows us to quantify the normalised performances of the fan, useful to certify the system performances and compare them with those declared for similar products (certified according to same standards).

Ferrari Q4 2014


Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

Q4 2014 Newsletter

Our Q4 news letter contained information about

  • the launch of our new website

download the newsletter here

Q4 2014 newsletter


Jet Fans

We can now offer a range of unidirectional and fully reversible jet fans with smoke extract certification to EN12101-3 and ATEX for explosive gas atmospheres. Click here for Jet fan brochure

      Ferrari Q3 2014


Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

Q3 2014 Newsletter

Our Q3 news letter contained information about

  • Smoke fans certified for use with inveter drives

  • EF range axial smoke fans

  • FR range centrifugal smoke fans

download the newsletter here

Q3 2014 newsletter


Long cased Axial fans available with Polypropylene impellers

Ferrari are pleased to add axial fans with Polyproylene impellers adding wider range of duty point selections and resistance to a wider range of harsh atmospheres


Certification for EN12101-3 smoke extract applications

Ferrari are pleased to announce recepit of full certification for their FR range of centrifugal fans for 400 degrees C for 2 hours. This complements the EF range of axial fans which are already certified

The fans are dual application in that they can be used for standard ventilation and for smoke extract in the case of fire.

Testing was completed by BSRIA in their UK laboratory complete with inverter drives which permits speed control.

The certification was verified and issued by BSI.

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