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Axial Fans


Products - Axial



Axial fans in belt and direct drive versions available in painted or galvanised steel and stainless steel.

The fans are available in a variety of mounting, inlet and discharge arrangements

Fans are most suitable for removal of clean air, gasses and particulate in both HVAC and Industrial processes including chemical, agricultural, painting, waste recycling and drying applications.

Axial fan summary

ranging from 200 to 2000mm diameter impellers
up to 112m3/s (403,200m3/h)
pressures up to 360mm wg (3,600 Pa)
aluminium impellers in steel casing


For Petro-chemical applications involving Hazardous Areas (ATEX Certified) please click on the approvals page

Smoke extract

For Smoke applications according to EN12101-3 please click on the approvals page.


Products - Axial

Soler Palau


Plate mounted axial with polypropylene or aluminium impellers

Long cased axials with Poypropylene or aluminium impellers

Option for ATEX certified

Option for smoke extrct certification to EN12101-3 rated 400 degrees C for 2 hours

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