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Smoke Rated Fans

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Fans for Smoke and Fume extraction according to BS EN12101-3
Centrifugal Fans

Ferrari have the approvals and can supply fans for smoke extraction in fire applications where safe evacuation of personnel is required.

Centrifugal fans that are certified 400 degrees C for 2 hours (F400)
Complying to the EN12101-3 European standards.

Jet Fans

Jet fans can be supplied for tunnel and car park extraction systems
We offer fans with uni-directional as well as reversible functionality

These fans are certified to EN12101-3 rated F200 (200 degrees C for 2 hours) or F300 (300 degrees C for 2 hours) or F400 (400 degrees C for 2 hours)

There are 12 sizes in the range from 315mm to 1250mm diameter impellers

We will undertake Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis if required

We offer a complete package of products including
Control system (links fans, sensors, warning devices with fire alarm system)
CO sensors
Acoustic warning sounders
Warning lights
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