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Ferrari are proud to have been associated with prestigious projects in the UK and worldwide. We thank all of our customers and list below just few of the recent successes

Astra Zenneca Pharmaceuticals

Client Astra Zennenca
Contractor Thermal Transfer
Project Building 38, Alderley edge
Supply various axial and centrifugal fans

Pfizers building 530

Client Pfizer
Contractor Fluor
Supply 18 special single inlet centrifugal fans with special paint finish for laboratory extract system

Chiron Vaccines

Client Chiron
Contractor Thermal Transfer
Project Speke Facility
Supply 21 off centrifugal fans (type FR, FQ and VCM) to meet with demanding air flow requirements in laboratory extract application

Heathrow Terminal 5

Client BAA
Contractor AMEC Facilities
Sub-contractor Hotchkiss
Supply 1 12 x 1.8 metre axial fans for Fresh Air supply, fans buried underground in tunnels
Supply 2 21 x single inlet centrifugal fans, mix of stainless steel and rockwool insulated galvanised with swing out impellers for cleaning, fans used for Kitchen Extract

Royal Halamshire Hospital

Client Royal Halamshire Hospital
Contractor N G Bailey
Supply 6 off EF900 centrifugal fans

Alvan Blanch Development Company

Client Alvan Blanch
Equipment manufactured Grain Dryers
Supply Various axial and centrifugal fans for hot air drying and cooling


Client Biogen
Contractor Jacobs
Project Hilerood, Denmark LSM Expansion
Supply 4 off FR1122 centrifugal fans

Glaxo Smith Klyne

Client Glaxo Smith Klyne
Contractor Jacobs
Project Tonbridge facility ventilation fans

Tilbury Power Station

Client Tilbury Power Station
Contractor direct to user
Project replacements
Supply 7 off FC711 high pressure fans

Other Applications

We recently supplied various extract fans for the expansion of a Bioprocessing company in Ireland. This project involved a quantity of 10 ATEX certified fans which were situated on the roof of the building. The extract fans were supplied in stainless steel for protection from severe weather and to ensure long operating life.
The fumehood extract fans used were selected from our FS range with forward curved impellers, FS311/P4 with 1.1kW 4-pole and was selected to achieve 0.544m3/s at 473Pa and FS351/P4 with 2.2kW 4-pole and was selected to achieve 0.718m3/s at 777Pa.
The fans used for wash and autoclave room extracts were from our FR range with backward curved impellers, FR561/N4 with 3kW 4-pole and was selected to achieve 1,097m3/s at 687Pa and the FR251/N4 with 0.55kW 2-pole and was selected to provide to achieve 0.478m3/s at 368Pa.
The fans used for storage cabinet extract were from our FE, FQ and FS ranges. FQ251/N4 with 0.37kW 2-pole and was selected to provide 0.223m3/s at 424Pa, FE401/P4 with 0.75kW 2-pole and was selected to provide 0.035m3/s at 341Pa and an FS281/P4 with 0.75kW 4-pole and was selected to provide 0.739m3/s at 403Pa.
All fans are certified ATEX II 3G IIB T3 with safe area ABB motors.

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