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About us


The staff at Ferrari Fan Technology UK are experienced personnel with many years of knowledge and know-how in ventilation and air movement industries.

We have working knowledge of contracting as well as ventilation and process air movement design.

We pride ourselves in the ability not just to select the fan for you but to work with our clients in design of their systems to ensure the maximum performance and long life of the fan provided.

Fan Selection

We have developed our fan selection programme FSELECTOR which now allows us to configure many variables so that we can offer you a solution with detailed technical performance data so that you can be sure of how the fan fan will perform on site. Features include:

  • product type

  • drive options

  • fixed speed or variable speed operation

  • fan arrangement

  • noise measured at various distances

  • operating temperature selection

  • altitude selection

new feature, given running hours per year and cost of energy (£/kWh), allows us to calculate the annual energy cost for running the fan. We can then select a fan based on either initial investment cost or annual or life time running cost

We are able to define the best selection for clients given the most important selection criteria!


We provide a 24 month warranty with our fans. You can rest assured with peace of mind by extending the warranty to 3 or 5 years, please refer to terms and conditions of sale or request details.

Site Services

Should you require an evaluation of your requirements on-site or a maintenance visit we would be happy to assist and arrange this for you. If the fan is installed outside the UK then we can arrange for one of our local experts to make the visit on your behalf, please contact us for further details.

Performance testing

Our factory is fully capable of providing performance testing of your specific fans prior to dispatch, witness testing can also be arranged, please contact us for further details.

We invite you to check out Ferrari Fan Technology products and experience our high levels of service and excellent quality of build and reliability. Our mission is to offer a kind and knowledgeable sales staff to help you find the right fan for your application.

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