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Oil and Gas

For the past 20 years, we have been supporting the constant growth of the Oil & Gas business, together with the main players involved in this sector. In addition to a wide range of centrifugal and axial fans compliant with applicable API regulations, we supply customized solutions for the most critical and demanding applications both based on the specifications of the installation company and the end user. With long-term ability and a flexible approach, our engineering can provide specific characteristics with regards to general design, construction materials, surface protection, anti-spark executions for explosive environments, processes and certified welding tests, as well as documentation and certificates according to international directives and local regulations.

Our products can be found in many different processes and applications, such as in cabinet cooling, in the shaft and exhaust frame of turbo-gas generators, in combustion air for flare burners, in exhaust gas extraction. and vapours, in cooling towers, in reducing catalyst cracking for gas treatment units and many ventilation purposes on coastal plants and offshore platforms.

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