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From the first steps of our company to the latest developments in the UK markets, we have always been a key supplier to the main players in the textile sector. In addition to a wide range of standard and centrifugal axial fans that meet the needs of our OEM customers. We supply customized solutions for the most critical and demanding applications, thanks to specific ability and design flexibility. Depending on the application, our fans can be built with special materials choosing between different protective coatings or finishes against corrosion of the surfaces. For applications where fans must manage the process flow in particular conditions, we have developed safe and reliable solutions for elevated temperatures and for the continuous transport of trimmings.

Our products can be found in many different processes and applications, such as steam extraction on drying tunnels, pneumatic systems, chemical treatments and trimmings conditioning, air extraction, dust collection and shredded materials, in the treatment of raw materials, in the combustion air for the burners, in the continuous cleaning of machinery and filters. Many of our fans are also used for the ventilation of workplaces and technical rooms.

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