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Tobacco industry is the industry that consists of all the activities engaged from growing tobacco leaves to the distribution network of tobacco products. All preparation of sales activities, advertising, tobacco manufacturing and shipment are also included in the scope of the tobacco industry. Tobacco industry is a global industry despite its addictive nature. Tobacco leaves are able to grow in most of the continents with warm and moist air conditions which make it possible to produce and manufacture tobacco products globally.

After tobacco plants are harvested, the first process is to sort the leaves according to the grades based on size, quality. After sorting into homogenous lots, tobacco leaves are ready to deliver to manufacturers. Upon receipt of homogenous tobacco leaves, second processes are performed by cigarette manufacturers. Tobacco leaves, flavouring and other tobacco-based components are blended in the environment with adjusted moisture content. Top flavourings usually are added in the last steps because they are alcohol based. Flavouring improves the quality of smoke and makes the product more appealing to consumers. The flavours may be also added to filter or foil wrapper to enhance the tobacco flavour.

Machines automatically roll the shredded tobacco into a continuous roll of cigarette paper and produce at a pre-set cigarette length. The cigarette packs are mechanically sealed in cellophane and hand-placed in cartons. Some countries regulate the size of cigarette packages, in terms of the quantity of cigarettes contained

Many countries have passed the laws to have some restrictions on smoking due to the medical evidence of side effects of tobacco usage. Despite heavy tax imposed on tobacco products to discourage people not to smoke, the production of tobacco products is still a positive trend with yearly output of more than 6 trillion cigarettes since the year 2000.

In past decades, the share of tobacco sales controlled by the world’s leading tobacco companies almost doubled. With the goal of increasing market share in emerging markets and maintaining market share in developed markets, a trend is observed in tobacco companies merging in global scale. In the last 2 years, the global tobacco market composed of cigarettes has increased with the total population growth in Asian market. Consumption of mature markets declines but consumption of emerging markets outgrow. Tobacco companies increase their profitability by pricing strategy of increasing tobacco product price.

Ferrari, as a tobacco industry fans manufacturer, supplying tobacco industry fans in the processing machinery. We work closely with our customers to define the fans in order to provide the most efficient fan designs. Our Ferrari Ventilation fans are suitably equipped for tobacco manufacturing. In general, our tobacco industry fans are used on the following machines:

• Moisture Induction
• Steaming
• Drying and Cooling
• Stem Drying and Classification
• Expansion
• Conveying

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